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I just finished sage in san Antonio Texas, they met all of my expectations and help me acquire my cdl.They can only teach you ,but you have to apply yourself to learn. They are not your momma and daddy so you have to man up and make yourself learn. I can say nothing bad about them because they taught me and I am not the smartest person in the cart. If you have spare time then study instead of TV or drinking, if you take training seriously you... Read more

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Ft. Pierce Sage staff and instructors rock solid. One on One training. Rotating field driving instructors. A+ school. Very thorough classroom teaching. Always focus on safety at all times. Had a job waiting for me upon successful completion. I did well on my new company’s check ride along. I just passed the HAZMAT as well. Happy Holidays to all….. Ft. Pierce Sage staff and instructors rock solid. One on One training. Rotating field driving... Read more

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I went to Sage Truck Driving School back in 2004 in Blackfoot, Idaho. The people were nice enough but it was really kind of a joke, I had been driving a strait truck for years prior to this but never any 18 wheel, after the class I still can't back one of those suckers up (let's say to a loading dock) to save my life!! You really should do some more one on one training with the individual and focus on the problems that he or she are having. The... Read more

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I have been in small business for over 20 years as an owner, providing financial services. Wanted to change careers and do something on my own after a divorce. Looked at roadmaster and SAGE, trying to find the best truck school I could in San Antonio. Money was not an issue for me. I had high standards - I wanted a school that really trained me to be a safe driver and helped me get the best job. Roadmaster was a very hard financial sales... Read more

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Went for a driving test. I had a CDL for 30 years and have driven many miles, but amazingly, I don't know what I'm doing and now have to have at least 2 hours training. That probably won't be enough. I'll fail again and have to have MORE training. They have control and will not pass you until you pay them enough. The reasons for the fail are ridiculous and have no bearing on my driving ability. I've never had an accident, so it seems I... Read more

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Sage is a great school here in Caldwell, with anything it has its downs...first is it is only a basic course to get the won't be taught how to go up and down steep grades,or use the Jake break to assist are taught how to park the truck,drive the truck on open rural roads,and the laws...the drive portion isn't anywhere near enough to get you comfortable in the truck and confident in your ability to are... Read more

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I did a lot of research for SAGE's CDL training, and there was so much positive commenting about the schools. Then I saw these few negative posts on this site. But I talked to several big trucking company recruiters who said SAGE grads perform much better than most due to lots of driving time. I went to SAGE's Denver school and it was outstanding. I checked out a few other schools in the area and they were a joke. I had tons of driving time... Read more

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classes were not on time and always let out early, concern is not about teaching but about showing videos and Sage getting paid. Lots of stories about historical experiences and B.S. sessions. Poor attitudes and unacceptable respect for paying customers. Poor information flow, equipment in poor condition, broken, old and rusty. Never really answered questions, just more war stories. If the state put 50 videos for you to watch this would be... Read more

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I had a truck with a turn signal switch broken off, and a 1 inch hole on top of the stick shift. Poor equipment, and old equipment. They will teach you how to get your license, but not to drive safe, and be a professional. A waste of thousands of dollars. Be very careful. There are many excellent schools in this field. You can go to school with Swift company, and money will not be a risk. Always inspect the equipment, before showing the money.... Read more

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Caldwell Idaho, sage students keep cutting the corner at my property and keep running over the ditch cover. Called and complained to them many time and they keep telling me that their trucks don't take that route. Now I can call b.s. because I got a picture that says otherwise. Read more

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