I am amazed at some of the whiners that post on this site. A bunch of losers who probably just could not pass the CDL test and shouldn't drive a truck.

What I read on most sites (other than this one which looks like it is just a place for people to trash businesses) were excellent reviews. My experience was awesome. Instructor Steve, Pete, Andy and others were a huge help and very professional. The one on one truck time is amazing.

You really learn, and they help with all the maneuvers. I passed the test, and went to TMC where I was so much better prepared than other students. By the way TMC is a great company. Hard flatbed work, but very good pay.

Anyway, I highly recommend Sage.

This is a very professional school that wants students to succeed and they will do everything they can to help, as long as you try. Losers, go to barber school and stay off the road!

Product or Service Mentioned: Sage Truck Driving Schools Driving Instructor.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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Wow! Apparently you are an amazing person and had perfect instructors, equipment to work with and a thorough learning experience.

Perhaps you should take into account that not all Sage Schools are as fabulous as yours. Other students must deal with broken and subpar vehicles, instructors with no teaching experience who feel if they scream loud enough you will learn how to drive correctly, and curriculum that is unclear and poorly delivered. Such as just being shown a video and told to read your book and then being dismissed early, every class time, and having someone screaming at you while trying to learn to drive. I'm sorry, but that type of environment is not conducive to learning by any stretch of the imagination.The people expressing the dissatisfaction with Sage Driving Schools are not alone, and I would imagine there are quite a few.

These schools should know that not everyone learns the same way or at the same speed and should be flexible. They should also employ instructors with at least a modicum of teaching experience and people that are interested in seeing their students succeed, which could only benefit the school.I, having paid Sage Driving School $5000 and completed their course, would never recommend them to anyone seeking to get their CDL until they acquire some uniformity and continuity in their teaching methods and curriculum, have equipment that actually functions properly, and instructors that know how to instruct.BUYER BEWARE!


Your review of those who complained is no better than those who complained about the school. Calling them losers and then insulting barbers really shows your maturity.

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